I am studying for a vocational qualification and get support for my studies. Why did I stop receiving support even if I want to continue my studies?

The most common reason behind discontinued support for studies is the end of the integration period. Your studies can be supported only during a valid integration period. For the duration of the integration plan, support for studies can only be paid for a maximum of 24 months.

When the integration period has ended, you can apply for financial aid for students from Kela. Kela decides whether or not you will be granted financial aid.

Please note that when the TE Office has agreed to support your studies in the integration plan, the TE Office will also monitor the progress of your studies to make sure it is adequate and compliant with the plan. You are required to present your transcript of records to the TE Office every 6 months. The transcript of records shows the studies you have completed during your education or training.

The Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration 1386/2010, section 20

TE Office

Finnish Immigration Service

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