Should I say at the Testipiste language assessment centre that I can’t write or that I do not speak Finnish at all, so that I can study in Finland for as long as possible?

The tests at Testipiste must be done truthfully and based on your real knowledge, so that the TE office can guide you to the integration training most suitable to you. Dishonest answers at the Testipiste language assessment may lead to wasting time during the integration period and wrong kind of integration training.

Participating in integration training suited to your needs will facilitate your integration and adaptation to live and work in the Finnish society. It promotes your vocational training and employment. In the integration process, the immigrant’s own motivation, commitment and proactivity is always important.

Please note also that Testipiste does not prepare or give language proficiency certificates to other authorities or educational institutions. The tests made at Testipiste are for the use of the TE Office.

TE Office

Finnish Immigration Service

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