If the integration plan has a duration of 3 years, am I automatically eligible to study that entire time?

Each integration plan is individual and personal.

The integration plan drawn up at the TE Office will set out the services that you will need to support your integration and to facilitate your employment or study placement. The integration plan can include Finnish language studies, other education or practical training, for example.

Participation in immigrant integration training or independent studies of Finnish or Swedish language are usually agreed upon in the first integration plan.

After the integration training, the integration plan will be supplemented. At that stage, the integration plan will be complemented by services that are best considered to promote your employment and vocational qualification. When preparing the plan, an agreement will also be made on how the implementation of the plan will be monitored.

Once your integration plan has been prepared, it is important that you adhere to it and regularly apply for and attend the services agreed upon in the integration plan.

The following will be agreed upon in the integration plan:

  • starting or continuing Finnish or Swedish language studies.
  • integration training and other measures that will aid your integration.
  • jobseeking and its objectives, as well as services that facilitate and promote employment
The Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration 1386/2010, section 11




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