My friends at the vocational school receive 9 euros of expense allowance per day while they study. Why do I not receive it?

If you aren’t receiving expense allowance, most likely it is because your integration period has ended. The maximum duration for an integration period is three years starting from the signature of the first integration plan.

The 9 euro expense allowance may only be paid to a person entitled to an integration plan. If your integration period ends while you are still studying, if you wish, you can apply for financial aid for students from Kela. Kela decides whether or not you will be granted financial aid.

Please note that you have to agree with the TE office on the training or education in your integration plan before starting your studies.

The Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration 1386/2010, section 22

Please note also that you can also apply for unemployment benefit to support studies that lead to a vocational qualification. The unemployment benefit paid for independent studies does not include expense allowance.

You may receive unemployment benefit during your studies if:

  • you have registered with the TE Office as a jobseeker and your job search is valid,
  • you are aged 25 or over when you start the supported studies,
  • the TE Office’s assessment indicates that you need education or training, and the studies will improve your vocational skills and your chances in the job market,
  • before you started the studies, you have made an agreement with the TE-office in your employment plan that your studies will be supported by unemployment benefit.

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