My friend is in the same situation as I am, but he receives unemployment benefit to support his studies and I do not. Has the TE Office made a mistake?

Receiving unemployment benefit to support studies is not a subjective right. Although the situation of a friend may seem very similar from outside, when immigrants arrive they are in very different life situations. Their needs, skills, education and family situation vary greatly.

Before the training starts, the TE Office will assess if the training will improve your vocational skills and your chances in the job market. The TE Office will also assess if the other criteria for supporting independent study are met. This decision depends on previous education and training, work history, language skills as well as, where appropriate, other factors that affect employment and integration.

If the TE Office decides to support your studies with unemployment benefit, the amount and duration of the support are defined by law.

It should also be noted that during studies supported by unemployment benefit, one is eligible for expense allowance only when the integration plan is valid. The immigrants are eligible for support for independent study when it is learn Finnish or Swedish language, or when the teaching is mostly in Finnish or Swedish. The integration assistance can also be used for learning to read and write.

The Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration, section 23

Further information on the criteria for supported studies

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